Can a Rhombic Consultant Help Me?

Rhombic cell consultants are specialists in the telecommunications industry who assist Landowners in negotiating their cell site lease agreement. Because cell/wireless carriers know everything there is to know in the wireless industry, they can and usually do out negotiate the unadvised Landowner in any negotiation. This is not to say the carrier is doing anything wrong it's just business and they are doing what they should do maximizing their shareholders return. Because these are commercial documents, the burden is on Landowners to negotiate a fair deal. Hence, you need consultants on your side that will level the playing field and secure a market rate lease/license that fairly balances risks and exposures. You need advice and guidance.

Cell site consultants help the Leaseholders, Individuals, Landowners, Strata Councils, building owners, municipal administrators, churches and non-profits, and other entities that have been approached regarding anything that has to do with a cell site/tower lease/license agreement or rooftop lease agreement. A partial list of our services that cell tower consultants perform are:

  • Lease and License Consulting and Negotiations

    If you have recently been approached with an offer to build a cell tower or cell site on your property by Rogers, Bell, Wind, TELUS, Moblicity or one of their many agents the initial figures representing the cell tower lease or roof top lease rates paid to the property owner may look appealing. Landowners can be assured of a couple of things: (1) those figures may not be the best offer that the cell tower company can ultimately pay to be there and (2) you will not receive a fair deal from the cell tower company unless they are forced to do so with regard to terms and liabilities to the Landowner. This is their opening offer.

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  • Lease/License Amendment and Renewal

    Fast expansion of the cellular industry and hunger by cell phone users for more and more coverage and greater services, has caused cell sites to be upgraded to keep pace with this growth. When this occurs, the cell carriers will want to amend the cell site lease/license agreement, adding many years or updated terms, which previously did not exist. They may want to renew it and offer you what they suggest is the market rate. But is it and without the advice of a Rhombic Consultant you will not know. They may want to add additional equipment but can them under your existing agreement and if they can are they required to pay you more money. Leaseholders should always evaluate the details of cell tower lease amendments and extensions to make sure you are getting a fair deal. At Rhombic we can help you with all these questions. We will explain it to you in a language you can understand and be there for you whenever you need us at a moment's notice.

  • Antenna Site Surveys

    Do you really know what is on your roof what condition the antennas are in and are they what you contracted for. Do you have a Safety Code 6 violation? In many cases the answer will because you concern. At Rhombic we can answer these questions and work with you and the cell carrier to illuminate these risks and problems both to your financial advantage and security.

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