Professional Services

Rhombic provides critical information and expertise not generally available to building owners, managers and strata councils, such as current market rates for cell sites, cell carrier needs, radio science engineering consulting and contract negotiations.

At Rhombic our consultants strive to deliver Professional Services founded on two principles:

  • 1. Experience and Knowledge

    Rhombic's consultants and advisors are experts in contract negotiation, engineering, wireless communication, wireless communication system design, antennas, radio sciences and in particular cellular site lease and license issues.

    At Rhombic we believe it's essential that you find an expert in your particular field of concern and need. We are the experts in these fields. It makes sense to look for someone who specializes in this, your area of need, after all you should not pay a consultant to learn at your expense.

  • 2. Customer Service Commitment

    At Rhombic we strive the deliver the best customer service in the industry. We believe excellent customer service requires the following four deliverables.

    • Responsiveness.

      It is Rhombic's promise and customer service commitment to you that any call or e-mail will be returned to you that same day. If our consultant can't answer your question they will call you or e-mail you and tell you when and how. We are available at your convenience, not ours.
    • Understanding.

      Rhombic's consultants are willing to learn, listen and understand your concerns and business's goals. We want to be someone who will be a long-term partner in your cell site or technology business's growth.
    • Communication.

      Rhombic's consultants do not speak in legalese or engineering jargon without bothering to explain them. We believe in teaching and helping people learn.
    • Rapport.

      At Rhombic, our consultants strive to be someone you can get along with. Good chemistry will ensure a better relationship and positive results for your business.

See our brochure (pdf) for more information.