Lease and License Consulting and Negotiations

In any commercial negotiation, it's all about getting a fair market compensation and negotiating a fair and reasonable allocation of risk between the parties. More specifically it's not all about getting the most money from a carrier. While money is important, it's equally important if not more important, that risk and exposure be fairly allocated and shared between you and the carrier. It's one thing to get a lot of money a year from a carrier but if you are risking your investment as a result of increased risks present on your property from the cell site on your roof and no responsibility is being shouldered by the carrier, then you have lost the negotiation. Alternatively, one carrier may offer more than others in the area but how good is their covenant? What assurance do you have they will be still paying you this above market rate in 5 years?

Without specialized industry knowledge, owners are not negotiating on a level playing field. Risk and exposures are often shifted unfairly to the building owner. That is not to say that a cell carrier is doing anything wrong or unethical; they are acting as any other commercial party would in operating a business. They have an obligation to their shareholders to maximize their return on investment. It is not the carrier's responsibility to look after you and advise you, that's your responsibility.

As an experienced businessman you are not going to enter a commercial negotiation making your best offer first and likewise it's reasonable to expect that a cell carrier would not either. Unless you have a lot of experience negotiating cell site leases/licenses with carriers you do not know what the going rate is in your area for similar properties nor do you know what terms in an agreement are subject to negotiation and which are not. Cell site leases/licenses/statutory right of ways are very specialized documents and many of the provisions and terminology and technical requirements that are up for negotiation are unique to the wireless industry. We know what a fair price is and what a reasonable allocation of risk is.

We at Rhombic are so certain in our abilities that in most circumstances we will agree to negotiate your license with a carrier on a contingency basis. You do not pay us unless we are successful in concluding an agreement on your behalf. Call a Rhombic representative today to discuss what we can do to help you.

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