Culturally Ready - Our Cultural Difference

Rhombic's emphasis on a client-first approach, incorporating customer service, knowledge, and acceptance deeply affects our internal culture; the day to day way we not only do business, but interact and treat each other.

Diversity is our Dynamic

Diversity in the workplace is a driving force at Rhombic. It's based on the knowledge that the best ideas do not grow in a culture of sameness. It's at the root of our team structure. We are open, honest and collaborative. We respect the diversity and differences of our people and clients and are straightforward in all our communication.


We value and actively encourage education. Our consultants have university degrees and post graduate degrees. Our employees and consultants are encouraged to participate in continuing education. We facilitate this and fund it. Our people are our strength. We prize the ability, diversity and creativity of our people and do all in our power to grow their talents. The way we care for, develop and encourage our people is a key part of our culture.


We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Our business principles are never compromised. Our people are our most important competitive resource; ultimately people determine our reputation and vitality. We respect and value input and opinion, and encourage self-improvement, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism. Our professional services are the end results of our efforts, and they should be the best in our clients' eyes. Being the best means striving for excellence, consistency, and effectiveness.