At Rhombic we strongly believe that you are known by the company you keep. To this end we only work with the best of breed. We search out and develop relationships with organizations that we believe are the best in their area and work hard to develop a professional relationship with them. These relationships allow us to offer our clients the best advise possible.

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - Radio Science Lab

Rhombic is proud to have as its Technology Advisory Committee the UBC Radio Sciences Lab. This association helps keep Rhombic and its consultants and staff abreast of new developments in the industry and facilitates a transfer of knowledge to Rhombic.

As wireless networks become more complex, move to higher (or lower) frequencies, and/or are deployed in more challenging situations, propagation and channel models that accurately describe the new environments must be developed. By translating our knowledge and understanding of the wireless environment into propagation and channel models useful in system analysis, design, and deployment, the UBC Radio Science Lab helps designers achieve useful insights, make better decisions and thereby achieve their system coverage, reliability and performance goals.


Planetworks Consulting Corporation

Planetworks Consulting Corporation is an independent firm of information technology and network solution consultants offering expertise in Safety Code 6 inspections and reports. Planetworks is used by Rhombic for all Safety Code 6 inspections and reports.