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Consultants for Public and Private Landowners/Strata Councils and Building Managers

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Rhombic is a Canadian-based consulting firm that provides guidance on cell site and wireless communication related issues. We specialize in assisting public and private landowners with cell site leases and wireless communication issues. Because we specialize, there isn't much we haven't come across, so we're ready to address any issue. We don't work for the carriers or their agents, we work for you, so you can trust that you'll be getting unbiased and valuable direction.

Our goal is to provide the advantage you'll need to get the maximum monthly revenue on your property whether it's a cell tower or rooftop site, while minimizing your risk. We have alliances with industry leaders and associate with the best. Rhombic has the expertise and knowledge to lead its clients through the many twists and turns of the wireless telecom industry. Our consultants, advisors and partners have years of experience, and a customer-first minded approach to make the best deal possible for our clients.

Sidney Kemp

Our founder, Sidney Kemp, has an exceptionally strong background in radio science, business, technology, law and insurance. He earned his Bachelors in Commerce, a combined law degree, and MSC in Commerce and Business Administration from UBC and has a lifelong passion for radio sciences obtaining his Amateur Radio licence at age 13 and while doing a combined MSC and LLB program at UBC was president of the UBC Amateur Radio Club. Sidney went on to be a partner at Walker & Company and practiced corporate law there for 10 years. Mr. Kemp is no longer a member of the Law Society of BC. He followed this up by becoming Director of Business Development for and Counsel for OmniRIM Solutions Inc. Following this, he was National Aviation Claims Manager for AON Reed Stenhouse and while there was a licensed insurance broker in British Columbia.

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